Will Aaron Carter Undergo a Comprehensive Mental Health Evaluation?

Will Aaron Carter Undergo a Comprehensive Mental Health Evaluation?

– You’ve been dealing with addiction. It’s been an ongoing battle. There’s so many elements to
obviously your life story, but I wanna ask Judy, ’cause
she is a professional. How can we continue helping Aaron? How can Aaron, I’m gonna use this silly term, be the best Aaron he can be?
– Yes, I knew it. – You say, whatever.
– And live his best life? – ‘Cause that’s what we want. – ‘Cause I’m gonna say
whatever I wanna say. – [Travis] As you should. – As you’ve seen. As I should, right? – But you have a professional here. She’s been listening to your story. Where do we go from here? – Hey, you guys turned me into a witty, quick genius, all right? – You are just quick with those little, yeah.
– [Aaron] I am, bam, bam. – That is great, I mean you’re
always like that, though. And it’s always a pleasure
to see you, Aaron. I really do think that you’ve come a long way.
– [Aaron] Thank you. – Since two years ago when we saw you.
– Thank you so much, I really appreciate that.
– [Judy] And you look completely different.
(clapping) (audience clapping)
It is magical. I mean you were not even here sometimes with where your head was. – I mean, before I walked out on stage and I was looking at myself, there was a mirror next to it and I went “Damn, I look good.”
(audience laughing) – And let me tell you all the places that I think you’ve made huge strides in. I mean first of all, you
were always generally honest. I mean you told us that there was a part of you that wasn’t honest. You let us know that today. – And I apologize.
– But that was part of the addiction process. We know that that’s a
symptom of addiction. Your mom does it, too. Sometimes she lies that she
feels bad about lying, right? So in general, you’re really honest. You’re an open book. You wanna talk to us. You want to get better. That’s always been there, the desire and the motivation
to live a better life. And you’re trying to be a
good role model to people. – Absolutely.
– So even by being here and having people see your journey, and being honest about your journey, and bringing your mom here. – Aw, you’re so sweet. – Thank you.
(laughing) – With all the different types of things that you’ve had to do to get her here, and now she’s in rehab, right? So you did something
really amazing for her. – I can’t believe she’s like the next day. – Yeah, yeah.
Now she’s in rehab, this is crazy.
– We can’t wait to see her and see
the progress that she’s in. – You guys don’t understand, I never thought that she
would be able to do it, but I think it was because, ’cause I kept telling her, “Mom, look at what I’ve
done with my life.” ‘Cause I was with her
for the last three days. So I was like, “Look at what
I’ve done with my life,” and talking to her on the phone, FaceTime with her the last three days. And showing her, being like, “Look, mom, I do my taxes on my own, “I file my own, I pay my own bills.” – And it must be a real
proud momma moment for her, but here are some things that we think can still be better for you.
– Let’s try. – With everything that you’ve been through and the work that you’ve done, we’re still not convinced
that all of these diagnoses are truly reflective of who you are. And all of the medications
are probably not optimized. They’re helping you to some degree, but they’re not optimized. So you’ve named off all
kinds of these schizophrenia, multiple personality
disorder, acute anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder.
– This is what people say about me. – But that’s what they say about you, and here’s my point. I don’t know if that’s accurate from a psychological
and medical perspective. And so, this is what I
want to offer you, Aaron. I wanna personally help you. I’m a neuropsychologist, and I would–
– So you specialize in brain chemistry? – I specialize in brain and
behavior and relationships and how to diagnose
somebody appropriately. And what I would like to do
is invite you to my office and I will give you a comprehensive
neuropsychological evaluation, so we can really understand
what diagnosis you actually have and then I can make things
that will be helpful for you from a treatment perspective. A whole plan, and then you can
decide to follow up on that with the doctors that you like seeing. I can make some specific recommendations for people that you can work with. But this will all be up to you. This is gonna be you taking
this to the next level, so that you can optimize
everything for yourself and finally get clear diagnosis of what is really goin going on with me and like, “Where do I
need to go from here?” And I want to do this process with you. Will you do it with me? – Of course.
– [Judy] Great, awesome. (audience clapping) – Without a doubt. I’m not gonna sit here and say, “I’m trying to taper myself off of Xanex. “I don’t want to be on these pills,” and then deny what you’re offering me. But I’ll do it on one condition. – What’s the condition? – I don’t want you to do it for free. I’m gonna pay. – I would like to give it to you for free. – No, no.
– Because you are an ambassador for mental health.
– I am, I am. – And I think that what you’re
saying yes to right now. – But you know what? You’re a professional and you deserve it. – We’re gonna talk about this offline, but I wanna give it to you for free. – [Aaron] All right, fine.
(audience laughing) – Aaron, let me be your
agent really quickly. – Amazing, come on, Dr. Travis. – Dr. Judy, my client and I are going to take you up on your offer. – [Judy] Amazing.
– Thank you so much for offering that up. – So excited though. – [Travis] Aaron Carter, folks. (audience clapping) – Thank you so much, thank you. – And we’ll see you soon, buddy.



  • christina herrera

    Very manicky. He needs intensive care inpatient care get a lot of therapy and adjustment of meds.

  • Mary M

    I cannot believe how patient these doctors are.

    Special shout out to Dr. Judy. She is an angel. Honestly, she’s advocating so much for him and his health. I love how she presented her helping him as this beautiful opportunity for him to grow instead of saying, “yo, you really need some help, and I know what I’m doing.”

  • Ashley Nicolette

    These doctors are looking more delusional then the drug addict . This is not helping him .

  • Ricky Db85

    All the best Aaron in your road to recovery. I have been in 2 psychiatric hospitals and been through hell but I have survived it and doing good now and believe you can do it to . All the best x

  • NippysGuard


  • julie botts

    Way to go aaron we proud of u …. we love u chin up chin.up

  • Dana Duley

    The anger in his eyes. He is stoned on the show the whole time. Uppers.

  • Dana Duley

    Aaron thinks the doctors cant see through him. The doctors both did well with praising him, thats the only time he showed real respect and true attentiveness. He cowardly is content near the end thinking he played the facade well. He is so immature for his age as well. I wish Aaron Carter well. Truly truly do.

  • Jon A

    This is super uncomfortable to watch.

    He's obviously very troubled; and this is exploitative.

  • Phoebe D. Brown

    Wonder what Dr. Judy thought about that kiss 😂

  • Phoebe D. Brown

    Wonder what Dr. Judy thought about that kiss 😂

  • Sami Jones

    Is he following thru with any of this? It doesnt seem like he is with all the news this week..Really hope they can help him.

  • Rosa Moreno

    This woman is so naive!

  • Katie Grooms

    I feel he really is bipolar. It runs in his family, he constantly seems manic, his addictive behaviors are common with bipolar disorder…… I don’t know if he hears voices or has delusions, but you can have psychotic episodes with mania…. I’m curious to know what he actually has 🤔

  • Debbie L

    I love how honest Aaron Carter is.


    What’s the male Doctors name here? The ENTIRE time I’m reading his mind and can here his DISGUST of that narcissistic druggy loud and clear 😂😂 I feel you bro I’m disgusted too!!

  • Greta Hoiland

    He’s so manipulative.. he’s not being honest with himself or the doctors.. sorry..

  • Taylor Green

    He is still looking good

  • Filukkas univers

    he does not want help, he manipulates, and the doctors are not buying hi' s shit.


    Save your breath, he is not listening.

  • Jojo Bee

    Attention, attention, attention…. Of course he's not a mentally stable person, but he also plays up to his 'insanity' – because it gives him the attention he so desperately needs! He'll even make outrageous claims about himself just for attention – what haven't we heard yet? So far he's had schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, AIDS, he's been bi-sexual, an addict….. what next ??
    Bottom line: You can't trust a word that comes out of his mouth. He lives on ME ME land. And we should stop giving him any attention.

  • Jojo Bee

    Sad for him music will never give him media attention. He needs to be causing trouble and look like a skeleton, get into fights, make threats and sniff aerosols – then he gets attention! But nobody cares about his singing… He'll always be the brother of Nick Carter.

  • Jag Kaur

    It's really good to see his progress

  • Terri Hinton

    Did he take the help she offered?

  • Vs.8

    I think he’s a sociopath

  • Erik Eindhoven Eindhoven

    He ignores THE Chinese woman!!

  • carol sanders

    Oh my God he is full of it this guy I'm going to pay for it no no you know what he's trying to sound like this Mighty Hero heat right he is he's a manipulator and he's got serious problems either something about him even when he talks he's too quick to cut people off he tries to over talk them that right there is somebody that can't be trusted but I hope he gets the help he needs God help him.

  • Keke*from* Shh-cago

    Hollyweird is filled w Aaron Carter’s 😬 and they stand on stage and tell people what to think, but worse of all, you all listen eke

  • Eulogy Ghostwriter

    He has an extremely punchable face

  • The Astrological Buddhist

    This guy needs Dr Phil not these doctors. The addict is getting off on thinking he is manipulating everyone. He thinks he is sober and he is nowhere near it. These doctors need to shut him up, this is a dog and pony show and Aaron thinks he is the ring leader. He needs to talk to Steve-O and look at what real soberiety looks like and how to get there. Tappering is just shifting addiction around not sobriety.

  • Diana Leroux

    Drs . You are awesome. Thanks for helping Aaron and his mom. God bless you.

  • Dawn Forcier

    What happened to Travis's face! Why oh why screw with a good thing uhg..

  • Niki Agne

    He needs Dr Phil, not these doctors. I hope he allows him on his show like he did Bam.

  • Keisha Iz Awesome

    All I can say is poor kid my heart breaks for him he's really sick 💔😢

  • Nate T

    God complex mixed with insecurities equals this,not schizophrenia


    I think he need a doctor lol

  • Zachary Hurley

    Look at me mom! You can be just like me

  • Matthew James Kräft-Pearce

    I’m no professional, however, I dare say Aaron has got some sort of Personality Disorder, I wouldn’t say he has ‘Multiple (or Spilt) Personality Disorder’ but if anything I’d say he has ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ (‘BPD’) … among with thee other mental issues he has. He definitely has the symptoms of someone who has ‘BPD’. He needs real professional help, not help from Doctors on T.V. He clearly craves attention, so having him on this kind of show talking about such topics isn’t going to help him in the long run, it might actually make him a hell of a lot sicker than he already is. Take him off TV, take him out of LA and put him in some sort of mental facility for however long is needed so he can come out a better, stable person. Just my opinion.

  • Hawk S

    Why do I feel like he’s lying

  • Adam Echols

    Its funny aomeone that can afford it they give it to for free

  • 0ne_ tea

    He talk to much 🤦‍♀️

  • ladyblazette

    Ambassador for mental health?! lol right

  • Junicurn

    hes a kid on drugs

  • Mary c

    Not all addicted people are liars that absolutely insults me I have 19 years clean and I’m not a liar never was

  • KingKush

    Shes a dime piece

  • Amerie Johnson

    Im happy shes going to give him the proper diagnosis so he can get some real help. I doubt he has all those mental disorders he said going on.

  • Janina Carter

    Aaron is jus desperate to get money from his brother. Nick won’t give him a dime because he will jus blow it and probably o.d. Same with the mom. Aarons net worth is 400k but its all property. No big cash on hand. Nick is worth 35 million so the Mom thinks that what she stole from him wasn’t enuf and she is due more. Just disown these pathetic leaches Nick U have done all U can so its on them now and nobody will blame U!

  • angelina angel

    This dude will never change just like Ronnie from the jersey shore and his Crazzzy baby mama

  • Kay H

    i think the hosts did well.. and i hope aaron and his mom gets well and healed inside and out..god bless!

  • Barbs H444

    He needs to work the ENTIRE 12 step program and not STOP until he feels better!!

  • HannahRachel Xo

    It seems the doctors on this show genuinely care for Aaron. He definitely needs more mental healthcare in my opinion.

  • Tammy

    He didn’t know how to say “Thank You” until the doctor stepped in. Or didn’t want to ?

  • Brenda Luna

    He is willing to do anything for the attention, people clapping give him some sort of rush. I don't blame him because he grew up like that

  • Lindsay Tucker

    Coming from a drug addict.. he’s not sober.

  • John Harding

    This guy is on no jumper bragging about millions he is making from real estate, jewelry, clothing line etc. why tf is his mom waiting tables? I get that work is dignity, but come on …. Guy says himself that it is not ok. Full of shit

  • NPG

    He wanted praise for wanting to pay her for her diagnosis … this clown geezes.

  • Roger Regalado

    Why are they blowing smoke up his ass?

  • Nick

    "you're a professional, and I want to pay you"
    "i want to give it to you for free"
    said no hooker ever

  • LeMarais88

    Hope he gets the help he needs.

  • teagzxo

    Dr Phil should interview him 😂

  • Sean Adonis

    Aaron is such a idiot!! Your a professional and you deserve it. They just keep letting him on that showing knowing he is gonna make a fool out of himself!!

  • Katie Kopp

    My heart goes out to Aaron.♡ praying for you brother♡

  • Krystal

    This is so cringe jeez😬

  • Emanuel Tavares

    His showing everyone that he isn't sober, has no intentions on getting sober, doesn't care what others think or say, and just playing games as he seems really amused by this whole experience

  • Limewire

    I would’ve given Judy some tongue.

  • Ryan 17882

    Ambassador for mental health….wtf

  • Franky Conti

    Go watch his no jumper episodes

  • ShellyBean1321

    I had an anxiety attack just watching this

  • nic cole

    He likes to act like he already knows everything they are going to say then looks to them to be impressed when he says something correct. He is very intelligent but also very sick still and needs help. Xans are one of the worst drugs out there, if that’s a drug he likes then he obviously beat the system.

  • g metz

    If you were never an addict you are not a professional.

  • RunninFromTheK9

    He’s so high off his marbles that he’s trying to pay for a free service!!! LOL 😂

  • Rich Taylor

    Dr.Travis look like he ready for this interview to be over and just done.

  • Phantom Papi

    Everything he does is so fuckin cringey. I dont think the kid can even help it honestly.

  • Chestney Chiller

    He will lie his way through and it they’ll says he’s competent. Bipolar / schizophrenic people are good at weaseling their way out

  • nicelady333

    He’s a f psycho !!!

  • Claudia Blair

    Its sad that everyone is trying to cash a check in on this mans spiral downward……

  • Nate Botelho

    Dudes such a fagget. He’ll be dead soon….. hopefully

  • Schyler Davis

    Dude is a walking cringe bucket

  • weazbk1

    😂😂😂cringiest thing thing I’ve ever seen !

  • dg 4787

    His actions remind me of Corey Haim the last couple years before he died. He is constantly on. I wish Aaron Carter, health, love, peace but mostly salvation in Jesus Christ. God bless this young man and his family.

  • Patricio Abello

    I would take all his money, his toys, his material shit, put him in a third world country and take him to places where you see real drug addiction, real people, not Hollywood shit. in a year if he still the same than ill suggest cryogenic.

  • Pamala Kou-Jones

    He's is so not ok.

  • Brandon Andersen

    Aaron carter is a wack job 😂😂 what is this !!?!?

  • Michelle Belle

    What happened to doctor on the left? He looks so overweight

  • Michelle Belle

    Aaron needs probiotics, Niacin (vitamin b3) and magnesium. His symptoms will improve drastically with these simple supplements! Good luck Aaron we love you!

  • Shirley Cole

    I wish that it got him help before he messed up his face

  • Sinny

    Aaron needs immediate medical attention by doctors who are not on TV who have a second agenda… entertainment. I’m disappointed this show would even go as far as they have.

  • Early Risen Gaming

    Yall need to really help this man, and help him in PRIVACY. True help.

  • Make Asylums Great Again

    He’s walking that Charlie Sheen path.
    I’m waiting his Dr. Phil appearance.

  • Ryan Tobin

    He looks worse in this interview than he did in the other … This is a Mess !!!

  • Cesar Valle

    The white version of Kanye west

  • Alissa Michelle

    He reminds me of my 9 year old godson with Severe ADHD.


    I thought he was Ellen

  • Steve Perry

    Its pills and coke. Believe that.

  • CrashDummies

    He looks worse and his brain is gone with all those meds and excuses. Don't call yourselves doctors when you are clearly failing him!

  • Aaron Miller

    Lol does look any different and just as out there as before just older get real people!

  • s j

    So he kisses her, then she's inviting him to her office to get some help…come on now….

  • JamesGang

    He's a fuckin idiot it's like he just wants people to believe he has money. Just watch his face when he says of course and people start clapping something is going on up there

  • K M

    Fake. Annoying voices. Fast talking she is.

  • G DeVz

    Why does he feel the need to constantly interrupt? He's a douche who needs help

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