Women’s Heart Attack Symptoms

Women’s Heart Attack Symptoms

NARRATOR: You might be surprised
to learn that heart disease is the leading cause of death for
women in the United States, and not surprising, one
major sign of heart disease is a heart attack. When it comes to
heart attack symptoms, men and women often
experience similar feelings. But did you know there are
several female specific heart attack symptoms? Maybe it’s because women
are so strong, but out of the 35,000 women
who experience heart attacks each year in
the US, only 50% report having chest pain. So what do they feel? Some common but often
unrecognized symptoms include extreme
fatigue, irregular lower and upper back pain,
discomfort in the neck, jaw, or one or both arms, nausea
or flu like symptoms, and lightheadedness. Symptoms can occur over
hours, days, or even weeks. The American Heart
Association advises women to trust your intuition
if you aren’t feeling normal, and head to your
local emergency room if you experience any
of these symptoms. Keep your ticker strong
by adopting a heart healthy lifestyle,
visiting your primary care physician annually, and
proactively calculating your risk for heart disease.


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