Workers save man who experienced heart attack while buying vehicle

Workers save man who experienced heart attack while buying vehicle

he’s calling it a Christmas miracle a man who a hospital representatives say was without a pulse for five minutes up and talking the heart-attack victim says it is all thanks to the quick thinking workers at a car dealership who started CPR after he fell out the whole thing caught on camera the night team’s Devin Clark with the emotional story of the gift that keeps on giving he called when 61 year old robert murray co walked into 57 auto sales on fredericksburg monday he planned on leaving in a new car but instead he left on a stretcher in an ambulance I told him I says I’m having a seizure or something cuz I don’t feel good he says all of a sudden you dropped down was it and the next time you woke up I think I was here more DCO later learned that as he was about to complete the deal he suffered a heart attack he was hitting right there and he leaned back his head hit the wall the life-threatening episode caught on camera convulsing I didn’t expect it to be real I was really so he had just who’s gonna tell you something’s about to happen when it happens even though Mauricio says he never had heart problems it was real in this video you can see that moments after a finance manager Bernie Lopez runs out of the room for help workers at the dealership return and administer CPR it’s like you could never give enough tanks or pay enough things for what they’ve done for you minutes later EMS workers arrived and took over from there a hospital representative says Mauricio was without a pulse for about five minutes he calls what he went through a Christmas miracle it’s incredible how they reacted as for that car he wanted he wanted me to go side in love at the hospital we just put it on a hole I told it’ll be out hole but yeah he was gonna get the car and of course Mauricio is excited about getting that mitsubishi outlander he wants when he gets out of the hospital he’s hoping to be discharged on Saturday he’s already had four stents put in his heart and says he’s having two more tomorrow now as for the car he says he knows he’s not gonna have it in time for the holidays but the gift of life is enough to have a very Merry Christmas Myra



  • Amber Caldwell

    I'm happy to see awsome things like this happen, I'm very happy that he gets to be alive for more holidays. Great job everybody u guys r awsome.

  • Lady J



    This is good. This is good. God bless.

  • david valdez

    Oh man .glad he's okay ! That's scary.

  • Jair Perez


  • Jo Do

    0:51 is he on fb? LOL

  • 96serpendity youarelostnotme

    Good thing it didn’t happen while he was driving, definitely Great employees for reacting so fast. I know it’s June of 2019 but I hope he’s doing well still

  • R T

    Intercom: God we’ve got a heart attack on line 1, permission to put him through?

    God: I really shouldn’t, it’s Christmas, don’t put him through

    Intercom: understood, thank you sir.

  • Tomlantis 212

    Runs out the room? U mean casual walked out

  • F.B.I

    Yes car dealer know cpr

  • Apexeon151

    Probably saw the price and was so shocked that he had a heart attack.

  • cxloudnai9 :3

    Ew, I got an ad and it said "you KNOW plastic straws are banned in this house hold"

  • Anony - Mos

    Scumbag used sales person was probably still worried about the sale afterwards

  • Booker DeWitt

    "The annual percentage rate is WHAT!??!!????"

  • MADS

    That CPR was terrible. Props for doing it of course I just wish they would teach CPR correctly at all schools

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