Would you pass a psychological evaluation? – Origin

Would you pass a psychological evaluation? – Origin

-Could you confirm that you have
agreed to our data protection and privacy policy? Yeah, sure. -And remember, there are no–
Right or wrong answers, yeah. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be a– -Not at all. -Word association. I say
something, you reply. Got it. Community. Service. -Care. H-home. Is this some kind of joke? -All our tests are standardized
and objective. -Solitude. I do really want to be here. -Shall we continue? -Friendship. Disapointment. Do–do I really have to do this? -[angrily] Stubborn. What? -The next word. Stubborn. Asshole. What? Th-that was my answer. Subscribe to see more content
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  • Aldo Andalucia

    Julian I miss him

  • Angel Saíd Ferreira


  • Myas Magical Masterpieces

    Its draco malfoy

  • Awe Dajah

    I always loved seeing his face 💕 to bad I don’t have YouTube red 😞

  • wafflesquad419

    Yo its Julian from flash!

  • Mallory


  • Orbitxl

    It's tom Felton guys Draco malfoy in Harry Potter

  • Emma Shaw

    It’s so weird hearing him with an American accent

  • Chris Hernandez

    Draco Malfoy

  • The Piano Man

    This was creepy wow…

  • Vixen


  • CarCat

    We're all browsing YouTube, of course we wouldn't pass.

  • Thomas Britton

    Does he take the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological test battery as part of these Psychological evaluations?

  • Breanna Banana


  • Slog Nog

    I just clicked because the psychology of mental illness is a trendy topic for those of us who don’t have any real psychological education…

  • Jezebel.A Garcia

    I miss him on the flash

  • Alex Celeras


  • psychoftn

    I hope that this series will also have the French voices(votes) or will be in vostfr

  • Maddy. The local

    Clicked for Draco

  • Maddy. The local


  • Veltorex

    Was that the tonks actress as well??

  • Ayana Davila



    I know Tom as Draco from Harry Potter and Julian from the Flash

  • Cody Wolf


  • ItsAmeh


  • Just_Another_La_Beebo_Tea


  • Hermaeus Mora

    A psychological evaluation isn't something you pass or fail. It's a diagnostic assessment.

  • Anya Hansen

    Hey draco

  • Unicorn Latte

    oh man tom felton.. 😊

  • Villads Rasmusen

    Ey … That's what Julian has been up to since The Flash Season 3 😂

  • 사랑이방탄

    Tom Felton 👻 aka: Draco Malfoy

  • tea baggins

    Damn puberty hit Draco Malfoy hard. TF.

  • Jiminie's Wafiu

    Wow! true Slytherin right there 0:53

  • Jalen M

    Yo that’s my boy from the flash

  • Febrezzeyy

    Julian can have a American accent wow

  • Skeleton

    I only clicked on here because of Tom Felton

  • Ahri Playz

    Only reason I watched is cause of the amazing Tom Felton

  • Emma Brooks

    Draco ten years after the death of Voldemort.

  • Ethan Humberto


  • Can my channel get 30,000 Subs

    Where is draco malfoys wand??? Lol, and where is the flash?

  • nozomi

    I'm excited to see Tom again.

  • Fuck life

    To the people in the comments. This is not Draco Malfoy, or Julian, or Alchemy, this is whoever he's playing right now.

  • masonnn

    ayee julian

  • Purple Yellow

    He should be in more mainstream movies he’s the best actor his age from HP

  • ghost cookies

    Omg his American accent

  • Rachel Marie

    I would love to watch this, but I'm not paying for another damn streaming service. I'm sick of it. I'm not doing it, not even for Tom.

  • Loretta

    The answer to that question is an unequivocal no, apparently.

  • natalia petrov


  • SomeGuy Who Is Lame

    I’m not used to Malfoy having an American accent.

  • katelyn nicholas

    Okay I’m predicting this character was in prison because his friends bailed on him or something. When the word was community he said service and when the word was home he seemed really offended because he hasn’t been home in forever. And he said friends are disappointing.

  • bob thornton

    This looked very stupid

  • Lauren Gallagher

    *every Harry Potter fan clicks

  • Matt Garcia

    poor guy cant find work

  • JoJos HoHo

    Wow. He's not aging well.

  • Sarah Fraser

    omg its Julian

  • JasXn

    Hey julian

  • Xiomara Bernard

    Tom 🙌😄🙌💞💞

  • ERS Blazeiken

    Tom Felton aka in flash and Draco Malfoy

  • peppered mint

    Gotta be real I only clicked for Tom Felton

  • The Kidbeany

    I see Draco!

  • 韩跑跑

    where is you magic?

  • anna

    draco what happened

  • Jess Lee

    American accent what???

  • Jess Lee

    Did anyone else catch tonks in the end card

  • JIAN _

    Bring “Scare Pewdiepie” Back

  • No Body

    Cheeky bastard

  • Sammie Krueger

    Kekx,wocuuebjsifiiehjwkd8f its malfoy!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happpppppppppppppy 😂😂 I saw him and I was like yesssss

  • Angela W

    Good old Draco…

  • Ana


  • •beebibi•

    *In John Mulaney’s voice
    Is that…that Tom Felton?

  • squid foy

    Hey look it's Draco… The only reason I clicked on this is because I saw Tom lmao.

  • Nadia Kathleen

    My soft boi❤️

  • neyssaaa _

    Look it’s Julian/Draco malfoy🥶🥶🤪🤪

  • Insanity's star Shadow

    I only know him from two shows Flash and something else but I forgot the name

  • Poor Soul

    I did

  • Cortney Stetson

    Omg he's acting again!

  • I wish I had a big forehead

    Is that Tom Felton?

  • yellowGalaxy25

    I will forever call Tom Felton…

    Draco Malfoy

  • Connor B.

    TOM. He!!!!!

  • Katniss Mellark

    Omg I haven seen Tom Felton outside of Harry Potter much….. wow he can speak in an American accent?!?!?! Impressive

  • Charmaine Balzan

    He is insane because they dont have the full meaning of these words in reality hahahahaha

  • Amarlamar

    Мне интересно, а на русский будет перевод?

  • StylischerPanda

    Draco, your father will hear about this!

    Ps: for me, he is still draco. Always

  • Edmund Schrag

    This one gets hired as Overseer of Vault 114

  • Islam Kn3an

    Wow .love you Tommy😻

  • Juan Riaño

    Its Tom Felton, 👏👏

  • 손윤미

    한글 자막을 달라!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zoomee

    0:18 no one will really get this but, just a inside joke for the show :^]

  • UNO


  • hehex heheqweqw

    Aaron Paul and tom felton have such similiar personalities. just me or ?

  • Danileptic

    Its the voice of the old Lady in His Back Story! 😶😲

  • Sebel Overload

    0:38 Friendship…..Disappointment 😂

  • Myra Santos

    Hmmm I love origin but the episode 3 I badly need to watch it for free please

  • Djho OLl

    0:32 0:33 clue :v

  • peaches

    Logan reminds me of Jesse of breaking bad

  • Tereza Tesařová

    I love Tom 😱💕

  • Effye Pryce

    Please add russian subtitles😭

  • ᴠɪsᴇʀʏs Pᴏᴛᴛᴇʀ

    tom looks like draco malfoy in front of the profosser

  • Gamze Doğuş


  • Holly Spilotro

    I hear his British accent creeping through

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