They can't use a fake name? You are.

  • Sensei Seagal

    People would save so much time not going and driving, finding a parking space, checking in, over waiting only to have the therapist like at ALL Kaiser facilities that they were running behind and that they are sorry etc. There are a thousand benefits from doing it online or even on the phone. For the people that don't want to, have the means to or they just dont feel any better because they are face to face should be given the option of seeing their therapist just by a simple ask. If you think about it a crisis hotline is by phone right?? They dont say hey are you going to jump off that bridge? Then call us and we will get you in right now and you can talk to any therapist you would like and though your therapist is off today we will call her or him in right away. See that doesn't happen like EVER. So seeing someone on a computer or Facetime is just as fine when you're having a full blown panic attack or you're just super depressed, or it's time to talk things out and vent, being able to do that over the computer, phone like Facetime or what have you would save peoples lives and a boat load of money for many people up.and including the provider as well.

  • Jennifer Bates

    Mental health is just as important as your physical health

  • Jennifer Bates

    Its expensive, the online therapy.

  • Carol Benson

    I just turned on the tv to your show and was looking at the first doctor seated and something looks very different on his eyes? My gosh…he's too young to have had any facial surgery! He looked better before!

  • Ryan Kelly

    It’s not the complete “answer”, but it’ll provide s greater access to care for those who live in places where there is limited access to care

  • Truly Blessed

    Many things can contribute to mental illness like your environment. It can affect your brain in ways such as brain fog.

  • Cupcake Paper

    It is bad…the companies pay therapists very low pay. Not good!!!!!

  • HayesByeGrey

    I would try it. I have anxiety and I don’t drive. There isn’t any therapists in my small town that is good and they only accept certain clients and insurances. So having to go to a town 15-20 miles away, it’s really not easy. Also, usually one has to go by an appointment date but what about those moments when you truly need someone to open to and get guidance help on?? That is why I feel even therapy online can be beneficial. Just the other day I had a mental break down and I was searching up therapy online help because I really needed it at that exact moment. I agree with the other user on here, I feel the online therapy should provide not only face to face cam, but also phone call session and even chat sessions.

  • The Night Nursery

    I'd be worried about people being exploited though by fake therapists that are only posing as a therapist for money and giving the wrong advice.

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