WRITTEN AND DIRECTED(Eng subtitles) | Psychological  Thriller | RKS

WRITTEN AND DIRECTED(Eng subtitles) | Psychological Thriller | RKS

Hello, It’s me. Everything is as per the plan Arrange for the money What ? Problem ? Listen, This is not the first time you are dealing with me Still you don’t know who I am This is my game In this game Everything is WRITTEN & DIRECTED by me [ Candidate has landed ] Welcome to London, my boy [Announcements in the background] Raghu, one second On the way Okay, Sure Sorry bro, getting an importnt call.
got to go you do one thing, this is the apartment take a left, there’s an entrance to the right. Pradeep will
be waiting in the room you are getting right? you can manage?
Okay bro MATALAN PHOENIX Hai, I am Raghav Hai I am Pradeep, Please come inside. Where is Praseeth? He came with me till here. He told he had some urgent work
and he left You are from ? Am from Bengaluru Ohh you speak kannada !!? Yeah I do! You are from ? Even I am from Bengaluru Ohh nice nice
So which is my room? Thats your room and you can keep your luggages there and
freshen up
Hai, Hello Hello Hey So did you reach there Yaa I reached, How was your Journey? Journey was good , So what you upto? I had a seminar to attend and was about to start Ohhh ok ! What happened to you ! your voice sounds dull Nothing I am fine Dude I am a psychology student !
I understand tell me what happened Nothing ! Acutally I called you to say something When I was heading towards the room from airport ,
everything seems very familiar as if I know this place very
well and lived here. In fact I was able to recognize the buildings around me even
before I reached there Relax bro ! You’re tired take some rest No ! I think something is fishy Relax, In our psychological terms, We call it déjà vu Almost 70% of the population has experienced it and its a
very normal condition. Let me explain you with some examples Imagine ‘MOON’ ! What was first thing that came to your mind
when I said ‘MOON’. Is it the word ‘MOON’ or a round( or
crescent ) white object?? Now I will say ‘SKY’? What did you get to your mind ? Like a
blue huge mass on top of you?? So when I say words , Your brain imagined a picture of it
right ??
Because In this life , We see lot of things ,We listen to
words, and We read too All those information is stored in our brain just as a
‘DATA’. Similarly , what you are feeling familiar now is something
which you would have heard , seen or read before , Thats it! Are you convinced ?? I hope you are convinced Ok Dude its time for me , You take rest and you will be
alright Ok Bye Bye Hello sir, Hi Sir Journey was good
Yeah I’ve come with the documents [ Manager : Am not able to reach out Praseeth. Do you have
his new number ? ] praseeth’s number…… i have it sir
i’ll send you sir, no problem. yes, sure sir [ he is the first person i called here… so it should be
first number ] [ This is my first visit here ,How can I know these places
Or as he told is this just a science of mind? ] Hello sir he went to meet one of his friends sir what…. he was with me sir No he’s not in home Relax sir , will call you back in a while Pradeep Pradeep, where is Praseeth? Manager called me and said that he’s house arrested House Arrest? that shouldn’t happen, let me call Praseeth I am experiencing all weird things here Why are you calling me Pradeep ? What happened ? Why you
guys are so tensed ? I had given your number to manager he told that you’re
house arrested you’re Some danger Seriously bro ? how is it possible ? can you tell me which number did you pass This number This is not my number bro How can you tell this, Who else I can call ? you are the
only person I know Relax try to recall whom you called first That means it’s not only the places i’m familiar with here I
know the people also Oh my god I am Karthik Can I use your phone to check my new number if you don’t
mind In front of Matalan I know the person bro, he is in the same building We have to somehow find him
I met him in the airport [Praseeth : Who are you talking about ? Do you know him ? ] [Raghu : It’s not the time to discuss all these things. Is it possible to find him ? Main entrance has the number lock, who open the door for you did you enter by yourself recall bro So you’re here for job 16 bro!!!! Are you sure ? Yes I’m sure it’s 16 The most wanted criminal who was involved in human
trafficking and blackmailing for money was surprisingly arrested today by the police with the help
of few young men in the town He Used to change his address frequently and was
untraceable. The way he was traced is cinematic And boy who was trapped with the fake overseas job advert
was rescued you might have heard few things In front of Matalan you might have seen few things next to Phoenix bar or might have read it somewhere So you are here for a job? All those information is stored in our brain just as a



  • srividya DR

    Great work guys!!!! Nice acting and great camera work, u people have also made an effort to explain psychological term !!!! Nice team work 🙂🙂🙂

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    Good work Raghav & Team 😊
    Yeah attempt is made to explain deja vu well..
    Concept & acting is good …
    All the best

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    Super work Raghav and Team:)

  • smitha ad

    Good attempt raghavendra and team …. short and neatly illustrated deja Vu …worth watching if person convoluted conspiracy ties in together with time and travel theories

  • Khoshal Gowda

    Its Awesome Folks, keeps you involved till the last second 👍👍

  • Nandan Godbole

    Good attempt of portraiting dejavu feeling..

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    Extraordinary acting…
    Superb. 👏👏
    Well done Karthik and team.

  • Dilip Konakandla

    Wow super guys.
    Nice video

  • Sangeetha Cruz

    Many times I also used to think that I came across the incident and situation already… After watching this film feeling good that I am not the only one😜😂… Well done Team…

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    Good job guys. All have acted very well. Keep up the good work.👏👏👏👌😀

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    Good work guys.. 👍🏻

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    You guys did a really great job there

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