Yoga for Migraine Headaches : Yoga Spinal Twist for Migraines

The second assent is called medal vulcre assent,
which is a simple spinal twist. This is a miracle assent because it really helps to
alleviate and reduce the pain of migraines really fast. For doing the medal vulcre assent,
or the simple spinal twist, sit with the legs stretched straight in front. Place the hands
slightly behind and to the side of the buttocks. The fingers should point backward. Put the
left hand beside the right hand. Place the left foot outside the right knee. Move the
right hand slightly backward. Twist the head and trunk as far to the right as possible.
Recenter the trunk and then twist it again to the other side. This constitutes one round.
Practice for a maximum of five such rounds. For breathing, inhale before twisting. Retain
while twisting and exhale after recentering. So friends, this was the medal vulcre assent,
or the spinal twist. Practice this assent and see its miraculous effects for migraine.



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