You Probably Don’t Have OCD, And This Is Why

You Probably Don’t Have OCD, And This Is Why

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin. Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m
so clean, I’m OCD!”? You might think that having OCD just means
being a neat freak… but actually, obsessive-compulsive disorder is a serious ailment that only affects
about 2 percent of the population. People with OCD are plagued with unwanted
thoughts, behaviors, or mental images that repeat over and over. They might feel like objects in a room have
to be perfectly aligned, or they may worry obsessively about harming others, even if
they would never actually do anything. And yes, some people with OCD obsess over
germs and cleanliness, but it’s different than just wanting your house tidy. For those with the disorder, their obsession
feels out of their control. It can be debilitating, and cleaning won’t
solve the problem. The obsessions are typically intertwined with
compulsions — repeated actions the person has to do just to function. If someone is obsessed with germs, they might
wash their hands over and over, even after they logically know that they are clean. Or if they’re obsessed with safety, they
might force themselves to check that the doors are locked and the stove is off dozens of
times before they can leave the house. They might also feel the need to repeat a
certain word, or count all their steps. Although OCD can take many forms, there are
some things that everyone with the disorder has in common. In order to be diagnosed, the obsessions or
compulsions must be extremely time consuming and take up at least an hour a day. Almost everyone with OCD knows their thoughts
aren’t logical, but they can’t stop themselves. And they usually don’t enjoy their compulsions
— it’s just the only way they can reduce their anxiety and stress. For those suffering, it can hurt to hear others
use the term OCD without understanding what it means. You might say you have OCD because you like
things to be organized, but it’s a passing thought that you could shrug off. Having real OCD means not being able to let
go of those thoughts. Lots of studies have shown that those with
OCD actually have slightly different brain function than those without. Although scientists are still learning how
the disorder works, many think it has to do with changes in a circuit of the brain called
the corticostriatal pathway, which regulates habit and repeated action. Recent studies have focused on trying to find
medications that bind to receptors in that pathway. If the studies are successful, they may be
able to develop medications that specifically target OCD symptoms. This would be a huge leap forward. Currently, doctors typically prescribe general
antidepressants for OCD. They also recommend behavioral therapy. This includes exposure therapy, where patients
are carefully exposed to fearful situations without being allowed to act on their compulsions. For the small amount of people who don’t
respond to either drugs or therapy, there are more invasive procedures. Around 300 people have undergone something
called DBS, or deep brain stimulation, which is when electrodes are implanted in the brain
to control impulses in some of the corticostriatal regions. When the electrodes are activated, they cause
the brain of someone with OCD to have the same neural activity as someone without. The treatment has been a huge success. Almost all DBS patients say the procedure
improved their mood and self-confidence, and most regained a normal quality of life. Although OCD can be debilitating, these types
of treatments offer hope that one day soon, everyone with the disorder will be able to
find relief and take back control of their life. What other science topics would you like to
know about? Let me know in the comments below.



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  • alejandro estrada

    Try OCD ADHD Dyslexia ODD
    that be hell.

  • NiakiNinjaTB NNTB

    I can't touch anything without having to wash my hands right after

  • Caramel Craft

    I have OCD….
    -Caramel (OCD)

  • Madeline Reece

    Thank u soooo much for putting this out there. It’s so annoying when people use ocd as an adjective for being neat.

  • UnLucky

    My aunt says stuff like "OH im being too OCD now!!" It annoys me so much

  • Way too Literally

    I think I have ocd because I have really bad obsessive thoughts that don't go away and I get really anxious and if I don't have ocd then I won't be able to get help and I'm really scared even though I'm pretty sure I have it. I'm getting really bad anxiety right now but I feel like my emotions have been fake and I'm just insane. My face doesn't look distressed and I can't tell if my emotions are real or not anymore…

  • Ava tale

    0:56 cuz we all know the .01% of germs wont die

  • Cats,on,a,clock Studios

    Omg I think I have ocd! Oh god no

  • Cats,on,a,clock Studios

    Exposure therapy?! No I’m living with ocd man… (I’m very sure I have ocd by all the symptoms match8ng myself)

  • Leo Barrett


  • Anon Y’mous

    i feel really upset when my friend says that because i have to deal with this i have not been diagnosed though

  • Bloom Bz

    I think I have this (not sure) because I always check stuff multiple times ,repeat words do not to forget

  • Emily Productions

    I don't have OCD I Think But I used to have to use at least 10 pumps of SOAP and wash my hands for 40 seconds ,Its gotten better since I only need 4-5 pumps now and wash 30 seconds,If it's without soap only 40 seconds

    And guess what makes it better,I wasn't cautious about this problem before.I used to use my tablet on the toilet EW Without even cleaning it all with a towel after,Why?Because if I use it after doing my "Business " I'll be touching a place my dirty hands were so now if I DO use it i wipe my iPad 25 times.

  • GuyOnTheInternetThatDoesn'tGetTheJoke

    I've been manually breathing for like a week and I can't stop it, is that OCD?

  • Ava Yeet

    OCD in my opinion is one of the most torturous mental disorders. I’ve been diagnosed and your mind can go to some extremely dark places, and unwanted thoughts.

  • The Chosen One

    All gamers are ocd bcz we save even if it says
    Auto save
    ⬇️click this if you're a gamer

  • imadon13

    I have OCD.

  • Samuel Stevens

    I do have obsessive compulsive disorder. It doesn't affect me as much as it used to, thanks to lots of therapy. When I was younger, I would have to touch certain things, count steps, repeat words many times, make sure things were very neat and orderly, and many other things. I usually have to do two or three of those things for a long period of time, then I get over these habits, and gain new ones. I have very recently lost all of these, and I am trying to keep it that way. I also have autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder.

  • We Are FAMILY

    Oh then i don't have OCD idc about germs i'm the one who makes all the mess O_O

  • JoyCon Boyz Forever

    I went cold turkey and it dialed back a lot but it’s still here a bit.

  • Axaye

    i HaVe ocD BeCaUsE I wLwayS seE aN odD NumBer and WanT to MakE iT eVend

  • Eatinsomtin

    I hate people who think they have ocd when they don't and when they ask others who they think have it when they don't. Most people think it mean obsessive cleaning disorder many times until I correct them ad show them the many types like such as I have

  • Eatinsomtin

    I shake door handles, make strange noises, increase and than decrease the volume button on a phone many times, keep blinking until it feels right, say sorry to objects when I damage or throw them and that's just me scratching the surface to the types of ocd I have!

  • MzBrownbeauty

    I’ve been diagnosed by 3 different psychologist and a psychiatrist. OCD is hell! I get so frustrated with people who say “I’m so OCD” no the hell your not. The constant ruminating about a thought, a fear, a phobia etc. is hell. The rituals are time consuming but you can’t stop unless you actually do it.


    My friend has odd adhd and ocd and people always say that they have adhd and ocd ALL THE TIME and my friend always breaks out crying and then gets call a winger

    This is a messed up world

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