Your Depression is Lying to You-Depression Treatment Options- Depression Skills #1

Your Depression is Lying to You-Depression Treatment Options- Depression Skills #1

Your depression is lying to you! It
has told you that you are depressed human being that by some ill glance of
fate that you drew the short genetic straw and now you’re stuck with feeling
depressed and crappy and down for the rest of your life.
Or at the very best coping with depression your depression has told you
that you are broken, deficient, flawed but you are not! The essence of a disorder is
that it’s disordered so that means that the organ that isn’t working is your
brain that means that your thinking doesn’t work right the essence of a
depressive disorder is when you’re feeling hopeless about something that
could actually work it’s when you’re sad about something even when things are
fine it’s when you’re completely distraught when things are moderately
sad and depression changes the way we think but for some reason we as a
culture we believe it like we’d love to believe in chemical imbalances and born
this way but we get offended when someone says hey did you know that’s
treatable as if they’re insulting us like telling us that we’re a failure a
depression that lies to you when it tells you that there’s nothing that can
be done or it says you just have to suffer or when it tells you everyone’s
out to get you or that you’re a terrible human being that if people got to know
you they wouldn’t like who you are deep down but depression’s favorite line is
“this is who you are” this is some inherently permanent flaw in your makeup
now at this point you may be wanting to click away because it seems like I’m
saying that you’re making up your depression as if I’m saying get over it
but that’s also one of depressions lies to polarize everything black and white
thinking says that either I’m sympathetic or hateful so depression is
real you don’t want to feel this way and you don’t know how to get out of it or
you would depression is real but it’s an
experience not an identity it’s something you go through not someone you
are. So there’s a problem with how we use language around mental
illness for example the most common way to say it is “I am depressed” but people
don’t walk around saying “I am cancerous” they say I have cancer or I’m fighting
cancer but they don’t make it into their defective identity and that’s where
depression color’s your perception of yourself and it’s lying to you
research shows that two people with the exact same genes growing up in the same
environment so these are twin studies if one of them has depression the other has
a 37 percent chance of also developing depression so genetics definitely play a
role but the other 63 percent is experiences choices and other factors
and even within that 37 percent some of that is environmental and other factors
basically that means that we have a huge ability to influence our mental health I
believe that some people are born with tender hearts some people are born
caring a lot some people are born with a huge capacity and sensitivity for
emotion but I’ve yet to meet a baby who was born depressed and that doesn’t mean
it’s not necessarily genetic but it means that depression develops as a
combination of our biology experiences choices and development how we develop
when we aren’t given the tools to deal with our heart our tenderness our
concerns our dreams and our hurts then those pure and sometimes beautifully
painful emotions get turned into depression. Depression is real but it’s
not who you are. You may feel discouraged about this
because you’ve tried a few things and the depression hasn’t gone away- don’t
give up I wish everyone knew that there are so many things you can try so many
different treatments that may help depression is real but it’s also
treatable new research is showing that depression is so much more than a
chemical imbalance it’s a combination of many factors and that may include
biological factors and chemical imbalances but there’s also
the psychological and the social factors and other biological factors and those
factors can be treated in so many ways so let me just list a few of the
research back to treatments for depression so therapy it actually
changes brain chemistry and structure medication is an option exercise it’s
shown to be more effective than medication at treating anxiety
nutritional changes depression has been directly linked to nutritional
deficiencies and shown to be treatable through a healthy diet treating insomnia
and improving sleep in one study of people with depression eighty-seven
percent of people who resolved their insomnia saw significant improvements in
their depression with many seen their depression symptoms disappearing in
eight weeks light therapy treating underlying
medical conditions so this is some of the other biological factors other than
this idea of a chemical imbalance so there’s underlying medical conditions
that look like depression and a lot of side effects of medication include
depression so the thyroid disorders diabetes lyme disease food allergies and
anemia, vitamin deficiencies sleep apnea etc all of those medical conditions can
manifest like depression so if we treat those underlying medical conditions the
depression can go away other effective treatments include mindfulness
meditation and willingness which is a skill directly from acceptance and
commitment therapy relaxation skills and learning to turn on your parasympathetic
nervous system existential therapy which is finding purpose and meaning in your
life relationship therapy gratitude practice building healthy social
connections and many many more approaches have been shown to be
effective at treating depression these include ECT transcranial magnetic
stimulation nature and adventure therapy lifestyle changes psycho education
self-help books and spirituality so there’s a huge list I’m not trying to
overwhelm you but I’m trying to say there is hope for treatment and there’s
hope for feeling better if you’ve tried a few things and they haven’t worked
try some other things right there’s more options than just the one or two things
that most people try and when it comes to therapy there are over 500 different
models of therapy so you might have to try a few to find a therapist and an
approach that works for you but don’t give up. new neural imaging shows that
changing how we think and act actually changes our brain’s structure function
and chemistry our brains are incredibly moldable and changeable even through
adulthood and I’ve got a course up detailing many of those treatments and
how exercise and light therapy and other stuff changes brain chemistry so that
link is in the description below but the bottom line is depression is treatable
don’t listen to its lies telling you that this is who you are and it’s never
going away start working it to find the combination of changes to your thoughts
and actions that can make a difference a good therapist can help that journey go
more smoothly for you thanks for watching please share this video you
never know who might benefit from it and take care



  • Johnny Limitless Sanchez

    This Video..just Got me Out of Bed..Thank You..👍🙏❤

  • John M

    Thank goodness I've never been afflicted with clinical depression. Thing is, throughout my life, I've experienced a lot of failure. I've experienced success too – the happiest day of my life was when I was accepted into University ( but even then, I only spoke to 6 people in 4 years). But, I was (and sometimes still am) so conditioned through failure, to look for justifications of why I would fail as excuses to not even try. I was so used to this that most of my life I felt like a worthless piece of cr##, and thought that I didn't deserve any better than to fail – worse still, that I mislead myself into falsely believing that I couldn't do anything about it.

  • run with the wind

    Emma, thank you for helping me understand

  • Beth Fricks

    Will you be my therapist?

  • Andrea S

    Very well spoken. Symptoms get managed. Not a LABEL to wear for life! Thank you

  • Andrea S

    Emma I would like to also add that as a Social Worker in private practice that I offer a Reiki and EFT combination and am finding this combination
    Effective with chronic pain-emotionally linked syndromes. Thank you for your videos!

  • Stefan Emanuelsson

    Thank you for doing what you're doing. My gut reaction to this "new" idea that genetics has such an important role in shaping us, not only if we are to get depression or not, seems flawed to me. I know it's been "proved" by science, but in this case it think it is an overbelief in science itself, or at least the methods that are allowed to be said to have proven this. Take me, my family has depression on both sides (lots) and i have had a low grade depression for the better part of my life. Still, i know that my depression is based on the fact that my parents didn't love me. Of this i am totally sure, feel it in my gut each time i say it out loud to myself. Just my two cents in this genetics-debacle-thingy. And thanks again for your work, i love watching your videos.

  • Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec

    But I don't feel depressed. Chronically fatigued. Anxious. But depressed? I don't believe it. Is that lying?
    Medication has never been effective.
    Synthroid has not been successful. Nor a CPAP.
    Going to Cuba for a week has 🙂

  • Mental Health Healing Man

    Thanks for the video. I keep trying to learn more and more because I'm on a mission to help people overcome depression and stop suicide! Thanks again and I hope to see more soon. And check out my page – I think you'll like it 🙂

  • Stace Wiselogel

    I was just going to comment how understandable and concise your videos are…then realized they are therapy in a nutshell😁, truth in advertising! These are a nice addition to the mental health toolbox, thank you!

  • Birdsong

    The only thing that has ever worked for me are antidepressants, and they work very, very well.

  • taggah2000

    You've never met a baby that was depressed, therefore it is environment and choices that cause depression. I have never met a baby or child that could get pregnant. So that means fertility comes from…..?

    Also avoid the word games with "disorder." It has nothing to do with things being disorganized. It has a very precise medical definition related only to how much they know about it:s source and cuases. I was just reading and ACT book where they played coincidental word games as "evidence" for something so I'm particularly aware of that BS.

  • Katka Olosová

    Hello Ema, I am following your youtube videos and would like to take a course at Udemy (change your brain) I remember in one of your videos you are mentioning a coupon so we can take it cheaper … is it still available ? I think it would help me a lot as I am on maternity leave now, not having a lot of money right now 🙂 (living in Slovakia) THANKS

  • JWM

    Great video!

  • Ch50304

    This is so true, I have the same issue.


    if life were that easy, i wouldnt have been on antidepressants for the past 16 years

  • Tony Good

    My brains not working…,.. well that's just great.

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